Tyreek Hill – A Cheetah In Limbo

by on July 17, 2019

         As the hour approaches where Tyreek Hill learns his fate in the NFL, we can all sit and reflect on what happened and what should change in the future. Try to be objective for a minute. Tyreek was obviously not brought up appropriately. He made mistakes with a woman in college that gave birth to his son. He acknowledges his mistakes and frankly we can’t determine if he was the only person to blame.

 If he could have a do over, I guarantee you he would not have a child with that woman. He got caught up and is now paying deeply for his mistake. Women can do that to you. When there are children’s lives at stake, every detail matters. As soon as he admitted guilt in court, he did his time and eventually continued therapy. I truly feel this was done to move on and continue not only with his career but his life.

Then the unthinkable happens. Somehow, a private conversation was recorded on audio after several complaints were mysteriously called in. Now, again I realize Tyreek is no saint. But can we not all agree something fishy is going on here? I mean there is no way a man that is about to make 100 million USD with a new contract and with a troubled past makes these mistakes.

The news outlets plain and simple jumped the gun. They reported “facts” to get a story and Tyreek should seek legal action against these outlets when all said and done.  Most people wanted to crucify the guy because of his past. Fair. A child is involved.  Nothing is more important than a child’s safety. With all the facts thus far presented, Tyreek needs to be suspended for a few games and told to stay far away from that woman.

As the NFL judgement day nears, I hope you all can at least put yourself in Cheetah’s shoes and maybe see this story is much more than what was originally reported.