Shawn Oakman Is Not A Rapist: Poised For A Comeback

by on March 1, 2019

Self dubbed college football’s destroyer, everyone remembers Shawn Oakman for being the most intimidating looking football player after a picture of him lining up for the coin toss against Michigan State went viral a few years back.  Although he stands 6’9 275 pounds, you haven’t seen him because he wasn’t very productive his last year at Baylor. Oh and he allegedly raped his girlfriend…

Today Shawn was found not guilty of the rape charges that were filed against him. It sucks that he probably lost out on his chance to make an NFL team If I had guess. But I think he would fit great in the Alliance of American Football League.

You bet your ass he is going to have a huge chip on his shoulder so we will see what team gives him a shot.