Shaan Washington Delivers AAF Viral Hit (Literally)

by on February 11, 2019

Wow, talk about a great start for the Alliance of American Football (AAF)!

Shaan Washington destroys Fleet quarterback Mike Bercovici during a weakside blitz, popping out his helmet and forcing a fumble!

Call it great timing, but Washington’s relentless pop was heard all over the internet this week and has gone viral.

This kind of power play spells only great prospects for the new American football league.

And after seeing Super Bowl LIII go to shit with Roger Goodell, this hit felt like a jumpstart to my love for football.

Another thing it seems to tell us is that Washington is an overlooked monster that has always deserved proper recognition.

Well, I’m glad the AAF was able to give that chance and make it fucking count!

The AAF Gives Chances to the Real MVP’s

For those that are not aware of Shaan Washington’s history, he led the Aggies with 104 total tackles. But that’s not even the best part!

Of those tackles, 6.5 of those came from behind the line of scrimmage.

Unfortunately, his time after the Aggies was less notable. After signing up as a free agent for the Vikings, poor Washington never got a chance on the field and was reportedly cut in 2018.

Now after seeing him nearly kill a man on live TV, I couldn’t have asked for a better comeback!

And after all this dick-riding on Shaan Washington, what the hell does this mean for the AAF?

AAF: The Game-changer That People Needed

For those that have been under a rock, the AAF is a new football league that had its first inaugural on Feb. 9.

Founded in 2018 by documentary filmmaker, Charlie Ebersol, the league has already been seen as an improvement to NFL games.

And you know what? They are absolutely right.

The AAF establishes several innovative rules and tweaks to the overall experience of the game.

For those that have seen NFL games as boring (like the last super bowl) or almost old-fashioned in the execution of calls, the AAF fixes both.

In addition to taking the “foot” out of “football” by removing kick-offs and forbidding extra-point kicks, the AAF handles penalty calls in a more progressive manner.

Known as the sky judge, there is a ninth officiating member that functions as an off-the-field official.

Essentially the all-seeing football god of the stadium, the mighty sky judge reviews every play using technology similar to that of a booth review.

With that power, the mighty sky judge can call or take away penalties missed or made by the field officials!

Did you hear that Goodell?

That sounds like actual progress on a system that helps makes fairer plays!

And guess what? It seems like an awful lot of new fans seem to like it.

Not only did this new league have the balls to air almost a week after the super bowl, but they were also successful.

Overnight Nielsen Ratings ended up showing that the league-opening regionally televised games on CBS were the highest rated telecast of the night, drawing more viewers than an NBA game on ABC in the same time slot.

And I think what feels more refreshing is how they are even approaching marketing. They want to do less pointless commercials and more football.

This also means less time staring at a screen and less bullshit.

I’m sorry NFL, the AAF is a rival that you could have avoided had you just listened to your fans.

Now let’s hope they don’t take all your players on the league.