WATCH Jonathan Clark, the Science Teacher

by on February 17, 2019

That’s something that your teachers probably never taught you!

Jonathan Clark may not be an NBA star, but he’s a big MVP science teacher that loves to wow is students.

Rather than toss those hundreds to strippers or get those sponsored brands, Jonathan Clark loves to use his physic-breaking skills in a classroom setting.

And as a science teacher no less.

Dunker When the Bell Rings

That’s right. Jonathan Clark trades some fresh Nike’s for dress shoes and a tie. But with a huge following online and in the hallways of  Clovis North, who exactly is this mystery science teacher with skills?

To make this guy sound even more awesome, Clark also has a second job as one of the nation’s top professional dunkers.

In fact,  Clark is one of 24 dunkers that are participating in season two of The Dunk King, a television series to find the best dunkers on the planet that will.

Airing in May 2019 (just in time for school to get out) on TNT. The winner of Dunk King will take home $100,000. And yes, that’s probably more than what most high school teachers make in a year!

As a pro dunker, Clark is a member of “Team Airstrike”, which is a professional dunking team (yes that’s a thing) that puts on several exhibitions throughout the year. They even just recently supplied entertainment during halftime of a Fresno State game, starring Clark himself!

Now as cool as this teacher can be, Clark can also brag about holding the world record for the highest dunk on an outdoor rim, jamming it home at 11 feet, 8 inches.

Not only does Jonathan Clark have an active Instagram with more than 200,000 subscribers, but he’s also an active YouTuber.

Rather than just show-off his sweet dunks through some high-quality montages, Clark uses the platform to make anyone a better dunker through training and how physics works through his own jumps (no surprise there, science teacher).

The Real GOAT Science Teacher

I think one thing is for sure about Jonathan Clark, he’s probably the best teacher.

While most of my science teachers lecture about why a marble moves down a slide through force, this guy is dunking with his students.

Clark is fit, educated and inspiring. So basically every 90 percent of my teachers were not even close to Clark’s hustle and cool factor.

I also like how humble he remains, especially considering that his second job sounds way more exciting.

Like so many entertaining and powerful athletes, Clark clearly has the means to be more than just a dunker, and yet he made the move to do more for others.

He’s willing to deal with kids that may not always be the most patient people in the world, but it’s clear that he is a positive influence on them.

And although I hope Clark continues to dominate the court and the classroom, it brings a warmness to my cynical heart to know that there are great teachers out there inspiring the youth.

While we have the LaVar Balls and Tom Bradys in the world trying to glamorize and make it about the money, we have someone like Clark that is an active member of his community that loves to be there for the children when it comes to the sport of basketball.