Rudolph ‘Blaze’ Ingram: Prodigy or Pushed Too Hard?

by on February 13, 2019

This is an actual video of kid flash. Look at him go!

What’s even crazier is that this little bud finished this 100-meter track race in 13.48 seconds!

His last time?  14.59 seconds.

And at the age of 17, I would cry at my weak 33-second PR for 100 meters.

Not just another viral video from a nameless little athlete, Rudolph “Blaze” Ingram has seen his share at the spotlight.

Having hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, little Blaze is a football and track star at the young age of seven.

Not to mention that this kid has abs better than people 10 years older than him!

Like seriously, that’s just embarrassing for everyone else (including me) and there’s just so much to praise about what Blaze is capable of.

But what is just as impressive is his work ethic. Blaze is already on a professional training regiment that includes pulling weights and sprint conditioning.

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Already being touted as the next Usain Bolt, Blaze has a bright athletic future.

I mean for God’s sakes, this Florida kid is a three-time Amateur Athletic Union winner and has celebrity fans like LeBron James at his corner.

But like many other skeptics out there, child prodigies are something that people like to take advantage of.

In fact, I think that as much as our culture loves to push children who love to do things for fun, this is a scenario where things could take a turn for the worse.

We all have to remember that Blaze is not the first ab-clad athlete that’s still in grade school.

A Dark Future That Could Happen

Remember the kid bodybuilder, Richard Sandrak?

At the age of five, this kid honed his skills with bodybuilding and martial arts training with help and support from his father, who was a martial arts world champion!

But the poor kid’s training regiments were incredibly strict and he could not eat or play like normal kids his age.

Eventually, the training became too much for a personal trainer (who his father would later threaten) and let’s just say things began to go downhill.

Luckily, Richard is living a healthier life and had quit bodybuilding after his father was put in prison.

Like the story of Richard, I would never want this to happen to any child who decides to get into a sport or hobby.

But look at Lavar Ball the liar, a father who is only utilizing his resources for successful and athletic children to selfishly net his own fame.

However, I think Blaze does not look like he’s going down that path.

Keep Living The Dream Blaze!

Blaze’s father, Sr. Rudolph Ingram, is a trainer himself, and I have confidence that he knows what limits there are for children like Blaze.

Not to mention that the drive to be the best feels very evident from Blaze himself. He really does seem to love the training and has fun being successful in his endeavors.

As negative and skeptical as most people like me and on Reddit are, we only want what’s best for Blaze, and hope that this path isn’t gonna end up on one of those depressing documentaries.

Then again, pushing kids too far is just so common nowadays, especially for sports. However, I hope that outside forces don’t burn out this kid’s love and passion for running and football.