Pacquaio Wins and Broner is a Sore Loser

by on January 21, 2019

If there’s one thing that Pacquaio proved this weekend, is that 40 is the new 20. Also, as much flack as we can all give Tom Brady, Broner won the score card for biggest sore loser:

Give it or take it, this was a really close fight, but the fact is Pacquaio was able to dominate with speed and experience that made Broner look like the old man.

The last thing I would want to think about is how a 4-year-old Filipino boxer came out of an early-retirement, past their prime, beat me to a pulp.

Broner just needs to take a chill pill, enjoy the millions he already has, and stop making so many stupid excuses. In fact, here’s a few corrections that Broner should take and learn from them.

Telling people that they should have won the fight does not count as learning Broner, so listen up!

Small (But Helpful) Tips for Broner

Broner needs to know about the fighter before he can even consider a rematch.So here’s what a pro boxer should know when fighting the Pac-Man

  • Pac-man is almost an inch shorter than you Broner. The height advantage is still real. And yet here you are letting Pac-man use his height advantage to work his body blows.
  • Defense, do you know what that is? I don’t think you do. Look it up, and focus it down the later rounds. Which brings me to my next tip. . .
  • You put yourself on survival mode after the seventh round, and it nearly cost the rest of the match! You were too tired to handle jabs and flurries that Pac-man was eager to serve you.
  • Being aggressive may have kept you neck-in-neck with the Pac-man, but guess what? That aggressiveness was practically non-existent by the last few rounds, which made a huge difference on the score cards.

Along with those tips, maybe spend less of that down-time getting into trouble with assault charges and work that Cincinnati spirit on your training.

For gods sake, the fact  that each loss on your record came by a decision tells you that working on landing the right punches for the match is better than going for a knockout every round.

You’re a pretty good boxer Broner, and ignorance should be the last thing you should be showing after losing a match.

Pac-man Has Something In His Eye

Now that i’m done teaching Broner a thing or two about the basics, it’s time to give some perspective to Pac-man.

It was not a flawless victory for him, that’s for sure. We get it. You can do a lot of things that my dad can’t do right now.

Adding another win on the belt just means you’re keeping a healthy record, but calm down buddy. The last thing anyone wants to see is another stupid Mayweather fight. Don’t forget that your last two losses have proved. Maybe you’re not as fast as you were at your prime.

No one is gonna stop you if you decide to retire after a few more matches. Also, it’s tax season, the President is feeding fast-food to the Clemson Tigers, and the Super Bowl is probably gonna be boring. I will not pay for another hugging match on a Saturday night when I can probably do that for free on my laptop on a curious afternoon.