Roger Goodell Crapping Before Super Bowl LIII

by on February 1, 2019

Before even getting to Super Bowl LIII, Roger Goodell stood in front of a crowd of angry football fans to say ‘sorry.’

Well, Mr. Roger Goodell, let’s just say that sorry won’t cut it.

All these oopsie mistakes of the last couple of years have contributed to the slow decline of football.

This Rams and Saints #conspiracy is all just a crumb of the crappie pie that fans have been eating every Sunday.

What’s worse is how that overblown crumb continues to drag the NFL further into the dirt.

Think about it.

The NFL has more money than it has every right to have.

Power in their fingertips. Best of all, a legacy that has spawned football families around the nation.

And yet, here they are, in the posted year, getting everyone pissy over a bad call. All because they were not prepared.

How can an organization that makes millions upon millions every month not update what officials can utilize?

Better yet, what is stopping the organizations and bureaucracy of the NFL from promoting changes and updates every year to avoid bad calls that could cost a team’s entire season, as well as millions of dollars over an unfair game.

They are playing with their wallets, and don’t care about anything but the bottom line.

And they are wondering why views, tickets and all that crap is down.

The only good news of seeing Roger Goodell flash his tiny dick to a crowd of reporters is that it will force the NFL to change their tune.

The stupidity of the NFL’s management is a mixture of stubbornness and seclusion. This is the UFC and baby Khabib all over again.

I mean anyone that has seen “Concussion” or can read a graph understands that football has really taken the fucking piss.

NFL: Champions of Ignoring Problems

Exhibit A is that stupid Colin Kaepernick ignorance that has been over-glamorized by the media, and practically ignored by the NFL.

They don’t want politics on their sports, and yet they are taking a stance by not saying anything about it.

No press conferences until now.

How funny is it that all it took was a few lawsuits from fans and outcry from the internet over a call that should have never happened.

Once again, the NFL is nobody’s friend. The only way to make them play nice is by keeping their wallet empty.

Fuck their overpriced merchandise. Fuck their greed in general.

The NFL is a place where convicts can play hard, and yet they want to talk about domestic abuse as if they are the best spokesperson for it.

Let’s Make Roger Goodell Cry About Super Bowl LIII

Of course, Goodell picked the perfect time to talk about these issues a few days before Super Bowl LIII.

I’m glad that cheap food at this year’s super bowl won’t be in the NFL’s bank.

Just when everyone is talking about the latest Avengers, Spider-Man, or even their favorite sports teams, nobody will be talking about this super bowl.

Let’s start the death of the super bowl ratings and let the NFL know we may be the consumer whore they made us out to be, but we are not stupid.

Besides, most people will see that cute dog commercial online anyways.