McKay High Basketball Team Give Viral Encore!

by on February 8, 2019

Here’s a great start to a weekend that I was not expecting.

Look, if you haven’t read my earlier work,  you’ll know I hold people like LaVar and Roger Goodell to high standards and scrutiny.

That’s because they are bringing down the sports that we all enjoy to watch and play.

However, the McKay High Basketball Team made me realize that sports can still be fun, and serve big inspirations outside the zone of play.

Just looking at their record, most people would be inclined to mock the McKay High Basketball Team.

With a current record of 0-19, I can only imagine the kind of hate this team gets at their level.

Trust me, more than 3 losses already feels like a spirit breaker. Hope can only do so much.

People like to point fingers in these situations. Some will blame the coaches. And others just quit the team or stop trying entirely.

This is not the case for the McKay High Basketball Team.

Rather than sit in a smelly bus in misery after losing yet another game, they put on a show.

Two Seniors would perform the song “Take Me Home Country Roads.”

Edson Suda was strumming the ukulele, while LJ Allise would take vocals.

Like any genuine moment out there, this video would eventually go viral, which led to the amazing encore performance made possible this week when the team visited 102.9 FM.

Now people are already shouting “hypocrite” from their phone, tablet or laptop.

But wait! These aren’t attention-seeking high school students that we have grown used to plaguing much of the internet.

The sense of inspiration comes from the rough life these players are dealing with on the daily. Well, besides the losing streak.

What Hope Means at Mckay High

This team has dealt with getting the label of being that ghetto school. The buses they use are chartered from a company.

Not to mention scores in education aren’t particularly noteworthy.

I think people who have experienced being part of an educational institution that has hand-me-down supplies or underpaid teachers can feel, ignored. Maybe even worthless.

Now picture this: Being part of a sports team for your school. Having the chance to express your abilities and work with others. But every game, and even going through the hardest practices, you just keep losing.

And losing.

And losing.

And, yup, still losing.

I can’t imagine what a coach’s mental state and confidence goes.

And for someone that has had crappy coaches, it can be hard to tell kids that everything will be fine.

Because I’m pretty sure after 10 losses, it’s hard to keep a straight face.

And yet here we have a team full of talented individuals. Rather than accept their misery, they turn it into something good.

The McKay High Basketball Team Spirit We All Need in Life

Sure, we can all feel cynical and feel like them singing on a bus ride home was just something that happened.

But after all of it, they are able to continue to be together as a team. And have fun memories and moments as a team.

Sometimes, people would rather sit on their phone and deal with their situations alone. Or even just go through the motions when life gets tough.

We can all just feel alone.

I think what the McKay High Basketball Team has shown is that there’s still hope in the crappiest of situations.

And if you got lemons, might as well make lemonade.