Lonzo is ‘better than Lebron’– LaVar Ball

by on February 8, 2019

If there was anyone in basketball history to call an attention whore, it would be LaVar Ball.

Ball, of course, surprised nobody after saying his son, Lonzo, is better than LeBron.

I think the only person that should shut-up in this conversation is Shanon Sharpe.

Why is he so shocked at this comment?

Ball believing 100% that his own son is better than LeBron is the least ridiculous thing that has ever come out of that man’s mouth.

That’s because the last bat-shit thing Ball has ever said is that Lonzo could beat Michel Jordan in a one-on-one match.

And let’s not minimize the empty statements that Ball brings out because they do end up screwing things over. For example, Ball has been known to take his helicopter sport parent instincts on another level.

Lonzo Better Than LeBron Statement Hurts Lonzo!

Ball has continued to use his three sons fame as basketball players as an excuse.

An excuse to continue hogging the limelight, and it’s only hurting his kids.

Talk about ironic.

Rather than accepting that Lonzo may not be better than LeBron, he throws the Lakers head coach under the bus.

Ball is so loco, that he’s willing to set the blame of his own son’s performance as an athlete.

However, his foothold on their careers feels like chains on a drowning victim.

There’s just so much weight holding them back.

Instead of accepting things how they are, Ball will make these outrageous statements.

And no, not because he actually gives a dam about his kids.


That ship down the Lakers has sailed for Lonzo. And burned.

Ball is doing this purely for attention. Selfish, unadulterated attention.

And the best part of his time on Undisputed is watching him peddle his real business. Expensive bottled water.

Big Baller Brand Water Better Than LeBron

That’s right! If this is your first time watching the madness that is Ball, you haven’t seen what he sells.

Making the splash in the press last year, Ball was happy to show his Big Baller Brand water (makes sense) to the hosts.

And this is where the real show begins.

Ball has been working hard in bringing this Lithuanian-water that is both refreshing and far too overpriced for athletes or regular people like us.

And that’s another thing that churns our stomachs. Sponsor deals, and money.

If Lonzo really wanted the money and endorsements he can get, he would boot his daddy out of his life for good.

Instead, we get papa Ball punching down Nike and housing him to peddle his Big Baller Brand crap for the world.

Never has there been a man that was never worth getting mad at.

Accept that your son is a good player that has room for improvement. Let all your kids be their own, damn individual man.

If you’re gonna say that your son is better than LeBron, there better be some stats to support your attention-whore ego.

And finally, drink your overpriced water and get the hell out of the NBA limelight.

There’s already enough crap that we had to do deal with early this year, like Super Bowl LIII.