Larry Baer Leaves After Physical Altercation with Wife

by on March 5, 2019

Wow, quite a weekend for Larry Baer.

Now I think there’s a lot to unpack here so I’ll try to be brief on the details.

To start with, Baer got into this physical altercation with his wife, Pam, in Hayes Valley.

The firestarter of the physical altercation: a cellphone (no surprise there, we practically worship the damn things).

After a few back-and-forths, Baer continued to ask his wife for the cellphone. As his wife sits in a chair holding the cellphone for herself, Baer got a bit grabby.

While grabbing at the cell phone, his wife falls to the ground.

Of course, the part that really sells the whole physical altercation is the scream that Baer’s wife pulls off as she falls to the ground.

Some would say Oscar-worthy, but I’d say a natural response to falling off a chair. That is still an irrational fear at my day at the office.

Anyways, a few days later, Baer unsurprisingly is now leaving his position as the CEO for the San Francisco Giants.

Talk about one bad day.

And there’s just not enough to really say here.

Although I’m a big fan of taking sides, let’s look past the vitriol of SJW’s and misogynists and try to make sense of it all.

When Physical Altercation Gets Mislabeled

Although Larry Baer may have the last name of a savage animal, he seems to be one of the biggest “suits” in sports that isn’t as spineless or smarmy as Roger Goodell.

Baer was pretty quick on that apology and made sure to cover his tracks.

And yet the biggest takeaway was what his wife Pam had to say. She essentially admitted her part in the physical altercation, which I can really respect!

Aside from the blood-curdling scream, Pam admits that the situation was less serious than it looked.

I think had this situation been in their own living room, the public outrage and internet lynch mobs wouldn’t have been so severe. But like all things on the internet, this was Baer’s online execution in a matter of hours!

And once that escalation comes, it’s like shit on a window, it will stick and smear.

Which means that the name Larry Baer will forever be known as a wife-beater. All for a fucking cellphone.

Which is unfortunate because I think the media monkeys in the world labeling it as a “physical altercation” was accurate.

That’s because a physical altercation in legalese usually means it is common that no injuries may have occurred during the conflict.

But for those who leaped before they looked online, here’s that FYI you seemed to have missed while begging for Baer’s blood: There were no injuries to report from this physical altercation!

Larry Baer Should Have Cared!

On the other hand, I think Larry Baer is at complete fault for making a big deal out of nothing

I mean for god’s sake, you knew she had a prior foot injury, what was the point of this?

I think bad judgment and emotions got the best of him, and now he’ll be making fewer millions because of it (not that I actually care).

Is the leave of absence showing that Baer took account of his actions? Hell yea. So I think we can all calm the fuck down about it now.

And as much as I would hate to sound like the internet cult of shamers, but that kind of behavior is far too telling of what he might be capable of off-camera.

But let’s not burn this man by the stake. As much as I love stupid sports professionals doing stupid things in their free time, Baer has already been fucked by the media and kicked in the balls by every beating heart on Twitter.

Everyone got what they kind of wanted out of this situation, so let’s not beat a dead horse.

And let’s just hope the SF Giants have fewer things to worry about now.

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