Knicks Don’t Get Zion

by on May 15, 2019


Knicks fans react to the NBA Draft Lottery and it’s hilarious. They got the 3rd pick in the 2019 draft, and will miss out on Zion Williamson.

After spending the entire year telling everyone how great they’d be once Zion showed up, it’s pretty funny seeing Knicks fans shrink back into their shells. Williamson is expected to go #1 to the Pelicans, and Knicks fans everywhere are crying about it. Without Zion, the Knicks don’t have much hope going into the 2019/2020 Season.

There is Some Hope, Knicks Fans

If there’s any hope for the upcoming season, it isn’t Zion. The Knicks do have plenty of cap space, however, and will go after some big-name free agents this summer. But unless some combination of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Kemba Walker signs with the Knicks, they’ll probably be bad again. To be honest, it’ll be a lot more fun watching Zion catch lobs from Jrue Holiday in the Big Easy than it would be if he ended up in the Big Apple.