Khabib Suspension Still Too Small for The UFC

by on January 30, 2019

Khabib Nurmagomedov is the biggest fucking baby in the UFC, and this video is another example of his arrogance.

Khabib shocked the world by being an even bigger degenerate than Connor McGregor, which is hard to really say considering his own stupid history.

But the fact is that McGregor is just a bunch of talk that can get put in his place by an aging boxer and a Russian moron.

Khabib is actually a competent fighter and yet he’s not afraid to hit audience members who paid money to see him. Over what?

A stupid feud that put McGregor in jail and nearly ruined his career?

Khabib had the moral high ground handed to him on a silver platter on UFC 229. Khabib fucking proved his worth and actually put McGregor in his place.

And that wasn’t enough for him? It took a few minutes of smack talk to get him to jump out of the octagon to fight McGregor’s crew?

What a fucking blockhead.

Khabib The Baby Shows How Little UFC has Changed

And let’s not forget that this is exactly why UFC has an identity problem. Or better yet still not a sport that feels legitimate.

Even after these last five or six years of progress, money, and memorable moments, UFC is still the bastard child of boxing.

The sport never feels like it’s going anywhere but rock bottom.

Steroid scandals. Gang mentality and petty feuds. Stupidity. And most importantly, unprofessional sportsmanlike conduct that gets nothing but a slap on the fucking wrist.

The state of UFC is living through these controversies like some kind of fucking circus. It’s a media hailstorm that it needs to survive off of, but makes the sport look just as bad.

At least much of the NFL has done their best to clean up their actions from most of their players. They are not afraid to kick out players for small scuffles on the field.

Overall, the infancy of the UFC is still strong. They have yet to learn from their peers,and it really shows.

But I guess it’s really hard to blame them, especially when comparing them to boxing.

I mean boxing was very much known as a brute force and corrupt sport from the beginning. It was the birth of Don King, as well as having parts of the mafia involved in title matches.

Decades of regulations and finally ensuring guidelines for professionals to be met is what made boxing a more “classier” sport to watch when compared to the UFC.

A Good Start for The Year with Khabib

The UFC, for better or for worse, is the gladiator blood sport. Everyone considered a fan is still seen as stereotypical douchebags and Monster-chugging numbskulls that think they can be the next Kimbo Slice through a few viral street fights.

Connor’s mannerisms and asshole-attitude feel real, and at least draws ratings. After all, smack-talk is just a common tone in most fighting sports. But Khabib acting like an asshole after winning a match is just ridiculous.

I’m glad that the UFC has finally taken the step of giving tough love to Khabib. He deserves to cough up that money and enjoy his suspension.

Enjoying not “being pleased” by the decision Khabib, it really shows how low you have sunken professional UFC fights.