Pat Patriot Mascot Conspiracy!

by on January 25, 2019

That Pat Patriot mascot seriously got blind-sided by Jamal Adams in this video, and from the looks of it, that was a pretty big hit.

Come on Adams, you outweigh this person by more than one hundred pounds!

Your shoulders are wider than Pat’s over-sized head!

Let’s put both these poor saps in jail and bring them to court to see exactly who deserves the hot seat.

Jamal Adams- Perpetrator of Pat Patriot Mascot Pop!

On the bench we have Jamal Adams, who had clearly planned this attack on the poor Pat Patriot Mascot.

As Adam utters the words, “I’m gonna knock this mascot out,” he makes his kill!

However, let the record show he may have also said “I’m finna go knock this mascot out,” but we are certain Adams is not a complete moron.

We will now turn to our witnesses, which is pretty much everybody.

However, if you pause the video on the six-second mark, we can see a man who is probably the guy taking care of the Pat Patriot mascot.

In the videos, he wears cargo shorts a black polo and is either husky or fluffy.

As he sees Adams rush down at a fair pace, the man looks like he is about to warn the defenseless mascot about the attack.

Of course, it was too late and the poor bastard felt a 40-mile train buck him to the floor!

As the video shows the Pat Patriot mascot lay down on his stomach as if lying dead, Adams walks away satisfied.

Then the real injustice comes into play, as the actual security is shown in the footage, doing nothing!

Not even to help the poor, defeated Pat Patriot mascot, who stays frozen on the ground, hoping Adams would not return to finish the job!

The complete corruption, the fucking humanity! As Adams the bully high-fives his fellow athletes, he knows he got away with it all.

Pat Patriot Mascot- Playing Victim

Now it’s time to look at the alleged victim from the crime.

As mentioned before, we see the Pat Patriot mascot turn to meet his abuser.

He falls to the ground, and shows a submissive position by laying on his belly, ready for the killing blow.

With zero assistance, we can see that the mascot is not even holding any part of his body.

It’s like he’s using years of improv as a mascot to play along with the crowd. It’s like it’s his fucking job to be an actor!

And yet, who’s getting all the heat for this stunt? Jamal Adams.

The free loading performer has faked his way into the hospital and the media are now putting Adams on blast!

ESPN may have been laughing with Adams, but the NFL ain’t laughing with him!

This was a set-up to put another athlete out of commission.

The Illuminati is real and are big Patriots fan. Tom Brady is their god, and he was angered.

Orrrrr this was just a big joke, the mascot is not at the hospital (but sore), and Adams did what was fucking necessary!