Ohashi’s Gymnastics Videos are Killer. So Stop Being Snobby

by on January 18, 2019

A long line of viral gymnastics videos have been the product of Katelyn Ohashi. In fact, her latest floor routine has been hitting millions of views on social media and YouTube!

But with all trends, there is bound to be some unwarranted controversy. But in the case of these gymnastics videos, they have been fairly minimal.

However, for some reason, there had to be a small skirmish of nothingness surfacing on Ohashi’s latest perfect-10 routine. She has gotten someone that wants to shut down all positive conversation, reactions, memes, and fun just because they know better.

And no, we are not talking about body shaming, as pundits have already decided to make that a new thing to talk about. What useless discussion is there to talk about this time?

Perspective Versus The Washington Post

I’d like to first say that Ohashi is a great athlete with a great body, and I hope she continues to perform well. But after all of this, something has to ruin that story.

More or less a fluff piece, my response to this article is probably just as bad. But I think the fact that the Washington Post published the piece feels more embarrassing.

Sarah L. Kaufman, dance critic, wrote a piece on Ohashi’s floor routine titled: “Katelyn Ohashi’s gymnastic moves are killer. So please stop talking about her lady parts.”

As most people could see, this is a eye-catching headline for gymnastics videos. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with the headline, but I feel like people know where i’m going with this.

Overall, Kaufman wrote a post that was well-structured and short. But as for the context, it comes off as confusing and kind of snobbish.

As she describes the grace and passion that Ohashi made in her performance, Kaufman flips her critique back at the reader. During the routine, Ohashi performs a split and bounces herself back up. For elite athletes, this is not a painful thing or issue with years of training.

Of course, Twitter, memes , and attention-seeking users commented about how painful that kind of elite athlete technique looks. Kaufman makes scoffing remarks and is obviously annoyed at the crotch commentary, hence where the title comes from.

But what’s more irritating is how Kaufman decides to create some double standards about males, while also doubling down on everybody else. Assuming all males would cringe at the split and questioning why so many people would react to this part of the performance this way? Sounds like Kaufman is also a “fun critic.”

Let’s Just Enjoy Gymnastics Videos

I think the most unwarranted point Kaufman makes is the unnecessary potshots to an article by Australian news site Kaufman describes them as “groaning” about the painful looking crotch bounce from the routine.

Upon further reading, the heading (which has a similar, polarizing choice of words similar to Kaufman’s article) seemed to be the only obvious indication on their perspective of the pain.

In fact, they even acknowledge that even if it looked painful from their perspective, they understand that it probably didn’t hurt her.

See this is what Kaufman is missing out on. Perspective. As a dance critic, Kaufman was able to provide great commentary on the mechanics and excellence that comes from these gymnastics videos. But shutting down everyone else’s perspective on how painful things look just felt utterly pointless, and feels unwarranted given how she tries to argue it.

If anything, Kaufman is allowed to have her opinion on others, but outright declaring that people shut-up about it felt like she was having an invisible battle about gymnastics videos.

In short, no one likes a party pooper, especially when it comes to comments that were examples of positive support and fun. Keep going strong Ohashi!