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madden glitch commentary

Hilarious: Madden glitch triggers gamer

by ScottiePippanon September 7, 2019
“I don’t think that shit worked, my guy!” Put this guy in a press box please. I would listen to this guy commentate any game, any sport, at anytime.

Eagles Fans Jump Titans Fan

Back At It: Philly Fans Jump Titans Fan

by ScottiePippanon August 13, 2019
To no ones surprise, Philly fans wasted no time showing that Eagle pride after taking a big loss in their preseason opener against Tennessee. No doubt without any context its not a good look for Eagle fans; who are notorious for their fuckery. But at the same time they never fail to make people laugh. […]
mark sanchez retired

Mark Sanchez: A Legend In His Own Right

by ScottiePippanon July 23, 2019
Today marks a historic day for the NFL (No pun intended). Mark Sanchez retires from football finally at the age of 32. I am sure a lot of us did not expect him to last this long in the league, but he did and we are grateful. Yes he was hard to watch most of […]

Shaan Washington Delivers AAF Viral Hit (Literally)

by JMarton February 11, 2019
Wow, talk about a great start for the Alliance of American Football (AAF)! Shaan Washington destroys Fleet quarterback Mike Bercovici during a weakside blitz, popping out his helmet and forcing a fumble! Call it great timing, but Washington’s relentless pop was heard all over the internet this week and has gone viral. What. A. Hit. 💥@aafcommanders […]
patrick mahomes mvp

Patrick Mahomes Will Be The Greatest Quarterback To Ever Play.

by chiefstalkon February 4, 2019
  Have you heard that a hunch is creativity trying to tell you something? I remember watching Joe Montana and Brett Favre as a kid. Yes, we all know each player had stats and charisma that fans adored. But Super Bowl rings and MVP awards help cement quarterbacks in the greatest of all time talk. […]

Roger Goodell Crapping Before Super Bowl LIII

by JMarton February 1, 2019
Before even getting to Super Bowl LIII, Roger Goodell stood in front of a crowd of angry football fans to say ‘sorry.’ Well, Mr. Roger Goodell, let’s just say that sorry won’t cut it. NO FLAG??? WHAT A JOKE. — Will Brinson (@WillBrinson) January 20, 2019 All these oopsie mistakes of the last couple […]