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Overtime Trae Young

Overtime Sits Down With Trae Young

by sforchetteon March 8, 2018
Trae Young, the Norman native. The freshman sensation averaging 30 points and 10 assists per game. Just turned 19 years old, and Trae has already showed the NBA scouts that he stands alone as the best guard in the country. And with his Steph Curry range, he will make his transition to the NBA a […]
myles garret basketball

Myles Garrett: Football Player, Basketball Athlete

by FreddieOon January 17, 2018
Have we found a new dual threat athlete in Myles Garrett? It seems as if that type of athlete a la Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders is long gone or non-existent. However, after seeing this spectacular block–a feat of tremendous athleticism even if just shown in a gym pickup game–who knows if Myles chooses greener pastures […]

Afflalo Punch

Orlando Magic’s Aaron Afflalo Punches Timberwolves Bjelica

by SPORTSTUNLon January 17, 2018
Orlando Magic Guard Aaron Afflalo throws punches at Timberwolves Forward Nemanja Bjelica, after Bjelica crashed hard for an offensive rebound. The Magic hung on for a 108-102 victory in tuesday nights game.
MagicI saih Friendship

Magic Johnson And Isiah Thomas Reconcile Friendship

by sforchetteon December 21, 2017
Magic Johnson And Isiah Thomas have held the longest grudge on each other dating back to the 1988 – 1989 finals games when the Lakers played the Pistons back to back years. Must say, a 30 year grudge is pretty impressive. But so was capturing the emotional moment between long time friends and NBA Hall […]
Paul George OKC

Paul George – Welcome To Oklahoma City

by sforchetteon July 1, 2017
@visionary Last night the Pacers traded Paul George to Oklahoma City, one of the biggest moves of the off season so far. As part of the deal, the Pacers will acquire guard Victor Oladipo and second year big man Domantas Sabonis. Sucks for Pacers, but does this make OKC an actual contender in the West?


Kevin Durant vs Blake Griffin In High School

by sforchetteon January 6, 2017
@ballislife Throwback video from 2005 featuring an AAU matchup between current Golden State Warrior Kevin Durant, and Sacramento King Ty Lawson going against the Clippers’ Blake Griffin.
Sit Down With Evan Turner

A Sit Down With Evan Turner

by sforchetteon January 4, 2017
@ViceSports Vice Sports sat down with Evan Turner to discuss his off court hilarity as well as his future in basketball.