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myles garret basketball

Myles Garrett: Football Player, Basketball Athlete

by FreddieOon January 17, 2018
Have we found a new dual threat athlete in Myles Garrett? It seems as if that type of athlete a la Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders is long gone or non-existent. However, after seeing this spectacular block–a feat of tremendous athleticism even if just shown in a gym pickup game–who knows if Myles chooses greener pastures […]
Leveon Bell Juice 1

Le’veon Bell – 100% Juice Episode 1

by sforchetteon October 21, 2017
Episode one of Le’Veon Bell’s new vlog series 100% Juice debuted a few weeks ago, and was nothing short of entertaining. Le’Veon proves to be part robot as he runs 3000 yards under 30 minutes for a light work out.

Shoe Lace Kicker Save

Crazy Ending: Kicker Saves Game With Epic Tackle

by sforchetteon October 7, 2017
In all my years watching football, I don’t think I have never seen anything quite like this. It’s crazy enough that they were able to make it 100 yards by lateraling the ball. But then for the kicker to basically make a shoe lace tackle on the one yard line for the win? The kicker […]
Chasing Strains 3

Using Weed to Save Football: Chasing Strains (Part 3)

by sforchetteon May 9, 2017
@Vicesports Final part in the 3 part series Chasing Strains. Kyle Turley continues to fight the effects of CTE with the use of medical marijuana. Kyle meets with current NFL players to address the the current state of the NFL and its on going prescription drug problem.