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Team USA Curl Gold

The Real Miracle On Ice – Team USA Brings Home The Gold

by sforchetteon February 24, 2018
Today for the first time ever, the USA mens curling team won the Olympic Gold Medal. Thats because for the first time ever, our curling team finally had a little swag. I think these guys just changed the game forever in the U.S. Kind of like when Michael Jordan introduced his own swag to the […]
Neen Williams Vice

Vice: Why Pro Skater Neen Williams Got Sober

by sforchetteon January 13, 2018
At the age of 31 pro skater Neen Williams finally starts playing the game for longevity. Neen got sober and went all in on the healthy life style so he could continue skating for as long as possible. Although im sure Neen still tokes up from time to time, it seems like he has the […]

Antonio Valencia MU

Antonio Valencia: 2017 Premier League Goal of the Year

by FreddieOon January 8, 2018
What do you get when you mix one part physics, one part spectacle, and one part Manchester United defenseman Antonio Valencia? You get the missile launch seen across the English Premier League also known as the Goal of the Year. Ruining Wayne Rooney’s return to Old Trafford, Valencia opened up the scoreboard with this screamer […]
People Are Awesome Augst 17

People Are Awesome – August 2017

by sforchetteon August 16, 2017
People Are Awesome, is awesome. There isn’t much more to say. Just watch…
Louie Lopez Beats

Louie Lopez – Happy Hours 2017

by sforchetteon August 4, 2017
Louie Lopez is prodigy skater straight outta Hawthorn, California. Louie basically started skating as soon as he stopped wearing diapers. This kid is a perfect example of why you should focus on your strengths and passions in life, and forget the things your not good at.

USW vs Brazil

U.S. Scores Three Goals In Nine Minutes To Beat Brazil

by sforchetteon August 1, 2017
The U.S. Women’s National Team pulls off an epic win while down 3 – 1 with nine minutes left in regulation. Julie Ertz’s goal in the last minute sealed the game as the U.S. came back to beat Brazil 4-3.
rugby boxing

Craziest Sport Ever – Bareknuckle Boxing Meets Rugby

by sforchetteon July 9, 2017
@ViceSports Ok this has to top the list of craziest sports that has ever existed. Calcio Storico is essentially just hot heads running around smashing their brains in and throwing a rubber ball around. But hey, I would still pay to watch this.
John Daly Jr

Like Father Like Son – John Daly Jr.

by sforchetteon June 20, 2017
@Wacksauce Big John and little John played the annual Father/Son PNC Challenge. At only 13 years old. John Daly Jr. proved not only that he could beat you in golf, but he could beat the best golfer you know…

Chris Plys Curler

The Guy Who Is Making Curling Cool

by sforchetteon June 11, 2017
@Redbull Chris Plys is not your average curler. He brings his own Duluth, Minnesota swagger to the game. Chris plans to represent the US in the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics.
Soccer Player Flop

Soccer Players The Ultimate Floppers

by sforchetteon May 30, 2017
This Hungarian soccer player has set a new bar for all time flopping. Some NBA players should take some flopping lessons from this guy.