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Line Drive Foul

Serious Shit: Child Gets Hit From Foul Ball At Yankees Game

by sforchetteon September 20, 2017
Todd Frazier hits a line drive foul ball into the stands and seriously injures a little girl. The entire ball park comes to a stop while the child is carried away and rushed to a near by hospital.
dock ellis lsd

Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No: The Animated Story

by sforchetteon June 13, 2017
@VictoryJournal 47 years ago yesterday marked the 47th anniversary of Dock Ellis’s first and only no hitter after walking 8 batters and hitting 1. This particular performance goes down in the record books because Dock took LSD before pitching his no hitter. Watch and listen while No Mas and artist James Blagden tell the story.

Donnie Does Japan

Donnie Does: Japan – Manny Ramirez Edition

by sforchetteon June 7, 2017
@BarstoolSports Another hilarious episode of Donnie Does. This time Donnie travels to Japan to document his time going to the Fighting Dogs games, and spending time with Manny Ramirez.
Kevin Pillard Slur

Kevin Pillar Suspended For using Anti-Gay Remarks (F**)

by sforchetteon May 19, 2017
@VideogameDTS Kevin Pillar gets struck out and instantly gets salty. So salty he chose to yell “F****t” to Jason Motte in front of everyone, which made the benches clear. I mean talk about no fucks given…
George Brett Shit story

George Brett Shit Story Animation

by sforchetteon May 4, 2017
@Barstoolsports Hall Of Fame baseball player George Brett visits Barstool HQ and tells a great story about the time he shit himself. This is some A1 stuff right here.

Alabama Softball Fail

Alabama Softball Player Hits Game-Tying Home Run But Gets Tagged Out

by sforchetteon May 3, 2017
An Alabama softball player came through when her team needed her the most with a game-tying home run. Unfortunately, she tried to put a little extra emphasis on the celebration and jump down on home plate, but missed the plate and got tagged out.
Dansby Swanson Tour

Dansby Swanson Tours The New Braves Clubhouse

by sforchetteon April 23, 2017
@AtlantaBraves The Braves first round pick Dansby Swanson gives a tour of the Braves new player clubhouse at SunTrust Park!
stephen Piscotty Hit

Stephen Piscotty Takes A Heater To The Dome

by sforchetteon April 5, 2017
For the 3rd time in one inning Stephen Piscotty gets drilled with the baseball. This time he takes a shot to the side of his head while scoring the first run of the season. Thats what you call taking one for the team.

Texas A&M Baseball Prank

College Guys Prank Call Texas A&M’s Bullpen From Their Home

by sforchetteon April 2, 2017
A group of college guys pulls off a hilarious prank on the Texas A&M baseball team.
Regular People Center Field

Regular People Try To Catch Fly Balls With Joc Pederson

by sforchetteon March 23, 2017
@Buzzfeedblue Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Joc Pederson watches while your average Joe/Jane’s take on fly balls in center field.