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Deatrich Wise Maroon5

Deatrich Wise Obviously Not A Maroon 5 Fan

by sforchetteon January 29, 2019
First off, this reporter sucks. From stupid clown questions to Maroon 5 trivia. How are you going to shame Deatrich or any NFL player for not knowing the lyrics or song names to one of the corniest, cheesiest pop bands maybe ever? Everyone knows this chick has every song Maroon 5 has ever made on […]

Do I Like Tom Brady

Do I like Tom Brady Now?

by sforchetteon January 21, 2019
It’s no secret how much I despise Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots. And how often I cringe every time someone wants to call him the G.O.A.T. But after Tom posted what I think may be the cockiest, most alpha, big dick swinging video may be ever? I have to say I have nothing […]
Northern Kentucky Football

Northern Kentucky Basketball, True Football Guys

by sforchetteon January 15, 2019
Clemson ran the table this year in College Football embarrassing Alabama 44 – 16 in the National Championship game. But It appears that the Northern Kentucky basketball team isn’t ready for football season to be over just yet. With the game on the line the Norse called an all time inbound play with 10 seconds […]

KG Cant Read

Not Even Close: Kevin Garnett Has A Tough Time Reading

by sforchetteon March 26, 2017
Live on ESPN, Kevin Garnett has a tough time reading the word “Equivalent”. But when your as good as KG, thats perfectly fine.