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madden glitch commentary

Hilarious: Madden glitch triggers gamer

by ScottiePippanon September 7, 2019
“I don’t think that shit worked, my guy!” Put this guy in a press box please. I would listen to this guy commentate any game, any sport, at anytime.

Eagles Fans Jump Titans Fan

Back At It: Philly Fans Jump Titans Fan

by ScottiePippanon August 13, 2019
To no ones surprise, Philly fans wasted no time showing that Eagle pride after taking a big loss in their preseason opener against Tennessee. No doubt without any context its not a good look for Eagle fans; who are notorious for their fuckery. But at the same time they never fail to make people laugh. […]
mark sanchez retired

Mark Sanchez: A Legend In His Own Right

by ScottiePippanon July 23, 2019
Today marks a historic day for the NFL (No pun intended). Mark Sanchez retires from football finally at the age of 32. I am sure a lot of us did not expect him to last this long in the league, but he did and we are grateful. Yes he was hard to watch most of […]

Snoop Dogg Madden

Snoop Dogg Shows No Mercy In Madden 19

by ScottiePippanon July 13, 2019
Snoop really lets his guard down here. He shows the whole world that Madden is the path to get under his skin. Whether it’s playing a 10 year old kid or another 40 year old guy who isn’t afraid to pick up the sticks. Snoop will verbally assault you if you try him in this […]
chris reacts to kawhi

Hilarious: Chris D’Elia Reacts to Kawhi’s Laugh

by ScottiePippanon May 31, 2019
Ive seen the video of Kawhi Leonard’s laugh a thousand times. So i’m not rolling on the floor every time I see the viral meme. But listening to Chris D’Elia dissect Kawhi’s laugh had me in tears.

Cal State Fullerton

Cal State Fullerton’s Manager Suits Up And Goes Off

by ScottiePippanon March 6, 2019
Last week, Cal State Fullerton’s senior manager got to suit up for a home game against a terrible 2 – 10 Cal Poly team. What happened next was straight out of a movie scene; very ‘Rudy’ esque. Sammy Jones channels his inner Kyrie and makes the Cal Poly point guard look like a bum. Tough […]
Shawn Oakman

Shawn Oakman Is Not A Rapist: Poised For A Comeback

by ScottiePippanon March 1, 2019
Self dubbed college football’s destroyer, everyone remembers Shawn Oakman for being the most intimidating looking football player after a picture of him lining up for the coin toss against Michigan State went viral a few years back.  Although he stands 6’9 275 pounds, you haven’t seen him because he wasn’t very productive his last year […]

Zion Williamson Injury

Zion Blows Out His Knee And Nikes In 30 Seconds

by ScottiePippanon February 21, 2019
Just like everyone else outside of North Carolina, I tuned in to tonights UNC Duke game to watch Zion Williamson body a bunch of little guys in the paint. Instead he limped off into the locker room 30 seconds into the game after tweaking his knee. Although I watched until the end, I mentally checked […]