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WATCH Jonathan Clark, the Science Teacher

by JMarton February 17, 2019
That’s something that your teachers probably never taught you! Jonathan Clark may not be an NBA star, but he’s a big MVP science teacher that loves to wow is students. Rather than toss those hundreds to strippers or get those sponsored brands, Jonathan Clark loves to use his physic-breaking skills in a classroom setting. And as […]
blaze ingram

Rudolph ‘Blaze’ Ingram: Prodigy or Pushed Too Hard?

by JMarton February 13, 2019
This is an actual video of kid flash. Look at him go! What’s even crazier is that this little bud finished this 100-meter track race in 13.48 seconds! His last time?  14.59 seconds. And at the age of 17, I would cry at my weak 33-second PR for 100 meters. Not just another viral video from a […]

Shaan Washington Delivers AAF Viral Hit (Literally)

by JMarton February 11, 2019
Wow, talk about a great start for the Alliance of American Football (AAF)! Shaan Washington destroys Fleet quarterback Mike Bercovici during a weakside blitz, popping out his helmet and forcing a fumble! Call it great timing, but Washington’s relentless pop was heard all over the internet this week and has gone viral. What. A. Hit. 💥@aafcommanders […]

McKay High Basketball Team Give Viral Encore!

by JMarton February 8, 2019
Here’s a great start to a weekend that I was not expecting. Look, if you haven’t read my earlier work,  you’ll know I hold people like LaVar and Roger Goodell to high standards and scrutiny. That’s because they are bringing down the sports that we all enjoy to watch and play. However, the McKay High […]

Lonzo is ‘better than Lebron’– LaVar Ball

by JMarton February 8, 2019
If there was anyone in basketball history to call an attention whore, it would be LaVar Ball. Ball, of course, surprised nobody after saying his son, Lonzo, is better than LeBron. I think the only person that should shut-up in this conversation is Shanon Sharpe. Why is he so shocked at this comment? Ball believing […]

Roger Goodell Crapping Before Super Bowl LIII

by JMarton February 1, 2019
Before even getting to Super Bowl LIII, Roger Goodell stood in front of a crowd of angry football fans to say ‘sorry.’ Well, Mr. Roger Goodell, let’s just say that sorry won’t cut it. NO FLAG??? WHAT A JOKE. — Will Brinson (@WillBrinson) January 20, 2019 All these oopsie mistakes of the last couple […]

Khabib Suspension Still Too Small for The UFC

by JMarton January 30, 2019
Khabib Nurmagomedov is the biggest fucking baby in the UFC, and this video is another example of his arrogance. Khabib shocked the world by being an even bigger degenerate than Connor McGregor, which is hard to really say considering his own stupid history. But the fact is that McGregor is just a bunch of talk […]

Pat Patriot Mascot Conspiracy!

by JMarton January 25, 2019
That Pat Patriot mascot seriously got blind-sided by Jamal Adams in this video, and from the looks of it, that was a pretty big hit. Come on Adams, you outweigh this person by more than one hundred pounds! Your shoulders are wider than Pat’s over-sized head! Let’s put both these poor saps in jail and […]

Super Bowl LIII Will Have Food Under $5

by JMarton January 23, 2019
There’s a lot of reasons to hate watching sports live. Ticket prices. Uncomfortable seating. Not to mention the bullshit prices for stadium food. The fact that a whole family spends hundreds in stadium food is absolutely ridiculous. Now with Super Bowl LIII on the horizon, we can all imagine all the rich punks and super […]

Pacquaio Wins and Broner is a Sore Loser

by JMarton January 21, 2019
If there’s one thing that Pacquaio proved this weekend, is that 40 is the new 20. Also, as much flack as we can all give Tom Brady, Broner won the score card for biggest sore loser: Adrien Broner’s post-fight interview with Jim Gray after losing to Manny Pacquiao 💀 — (@FootBasketcom) January 20, […]