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Tyreek Hill Limbo

Tyreek Hill – A Cheetah In Limbo

by chiefstalkon July 17, 2019
         As the hour approaches where Tyreek Hill learns his fate in the NFL, we can all sit and reflect on what happened and what should change in the future. Try to be objective for a minute. Tyreek was obviously not brought up appropriately. He made mistakes with a woman in college […]

patrick mahomes mvp

Patrick Mahomes Will Be The Greatest Quarterback To Ever Play.

by chiefstalkon February 4, 2019
  Have you heard that a hunch is creativity trying to tell you something? I remember watching Joe Montana and Brett Favre as a kid. Yes, we all know each player had stats and charisma that fans adored. But Super Bowl rings and MVP awards help cement quarterbacks in the greatest of all time talk. […]