Shaq And Chuck Again

Shaq & Chuck Go At It Again

by SPORTSTUNLon June 27, 2017
@Sportstalk During the Eastern Conference Finals Shaquille O’neal and Charles Barkley had a heated exchange that quickly got personal. During last nights NBA Awards Show they picked up where they left off with the fat and ugly jokes… Can we please have Shaq and Chuck commentate every NBA game next year?
Kardell Thomas LSU

Kardell Thomas Dominates At The Army National Combine

by SPORTSTUNLon June 25, 2017 Baton Rouge native Kardell Thomas is destined to join LSU in 2019. At 6’4 330 pounds, Kardell has been unstoppable at most camps he has attended. Watch for your self as he dominates at the Army All-American Combine.

Kailer Yamoto

The Shortest First Round Pick In NHL History

by SPORTSTUNLon June 25, 2017
@Sportsnet Edmonton Oilers just drafted the shortest first round pick in the history of the NHL. Spokane, Washington isn’t exactly an NHL factory. But they did produce 5’8 150 pounder Kailer Yamamoto.
Quavo Shareef Pt 2

Quavo vs. Shareef O’Neal Round 2

by SPORTSTUNLon June 24, 2017
@Hometeamhoops After footage of Quavo and Shareef O’Neal playing in a pick up game went viral. They met up in Los Angeles to play ball again. And Props to Quavo the “Lucky Lefty” (as Lebron likes to call him) for showing Shareef he can hoop a little bit.
Magic Johnson Calls Lonzo

Magic Johnson Makes The Call For Lonzo Ball

by SPORTSTUNLon June 23, 2017
@Sportsbuzz Ever wondered what goes on in the back office during the draft and how the players are selected? Turns out, it’s not very complicated. Magic Johnson makes a quick call to draft Lonzo BAll.

John Daly Jr

Like Father Like Son – John Daly Jr.

by SPORTSTUNLon June 20, 2017
@Wacksauce Big John and little John played the annual Father/Son PNC Challenge. At only 13 years old. John Daly Jr. proved not only that he could beat you in golf, but he could beat the best golfer you know…
Jason Tatum Draft 17

Jason Tatum Says He Is The Best Player In The Draft

by SPORTSTUNLon June 18, 2017
@Houseofhoops Grant Hill interviews former Duke Blue Devil Jason Tatum as the 2017 NBA Draft quickly approaches. With Jason’s size and versatility he is expected to be taken in the top 5.

game 5 micd

NBA Finals Game 5 Mic’d Up

by SPORTSTUNLon June 16, 2017
@Houseofhoops To no surprise the Golden State Warriors were on a different level throughout the NBA Playoffs, and brought another trophy to the Bay Area. Listen into game 5 courtesy of House Of Hoops…
Derwin James FSU

Derwin James Is That Dude – Florida State

by SPORTSTUNLon June 14, 2017
@GM6ix Productions Florida States’ All American Free Safety, Derwin James is one of the the best players in the nation despite coming off a season ending injury the season before. Going into his 3rd season, Derwin is a pre-season favorite to win the Jim Thorpe Award.
dock ellis lsd

Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No: The Animated Story

by SPORTSTUNLon June 13, 2017
@VictoryJournal 47 years ago yesterday marked the 47th anniversary of Dock Ellis’s first and only no hitter after walking 8 batters and hitting 1. This particular performance goes down in the record books because Dock took LSD before pitching his no hitter. Watch and listen while No Mas and artist James Blagden tell the story.